Newborn Session Questionnaire

We are so excited to meet your new addition! Like each new baby, every newborn session is unique and special and we like to personalize it based on your preferences. Please fill out this form to help us get your vision for your newborn session.

    Under the new traffic light system we are required to ask if all eligible members of family attending the session fully vaccination? That includes adults and kids 12 years and older. Please bring your vaccination pass on the session day as we retain the right to check your vaccination pass before the start of session.



    Session Time

    Should I bring baby cloths

    In preparation for your session guidelines..

    Consider dressing baby in items that are easy to remove without disturbing them too much.

    Before you leave to make the trip to our Studio give baby a NICE BIG FEED. You can expect to have ample time to feed baby during the session and if you are bottle feeding please bring additional bottles with you.

    Baby's safety and well-being is our top priority and all posing is safe. We find using a pacifer/dummy really useful when posing baby and settling. If you have one please bring it alternatively we have a supply of sterilized dummy's in studio. We will be using them for such short duration if required but if you choose not to use them it will be your decision we follow.

    For Family we recommend neutral and 'timeless' clothing choices, parents and siblings should try to color match. We want the focus to be on you and your beautiful newborn. Please ensure items are ironed and chipped nail polish is removed. Parents and siblings should come dressed and ready for the session. We start the session with Family portraits so young siblings are done within first half an hour and can be taken out for a ride if they don't want to stay while we take newborn baby's portraits.

    Important notes for Session:

    1- We don’t reproduce/copy pinterest ideas

    2- We Don’t copy/recreate any other photographer’s work. We have our unique style. Feel free to have a look on facebook page and website. Art is best delivered undirected.